New York - May 20, 2011 - The new product line will bring clarity and ease in making one of the most important decisions facing PV makers -

How to protect the technology in an easy-to-use and efficient backsheet?

In order to stream line the evaluation of backsheet, the new generation of backsheets are characterized by mechanical strength, thickness and barrier properties while the dielectric strength is common at >1000VDC. The backsheets include a proprietary primer layer designed for maximum adhesion across many brands of EVA at a variety of curing cycles and is based on proven PVDF technology.



GPE500 gives panel makers a >1000VDC backsheet t hat is one of th e lighest and thinnest on the market.


GPE1000b, the standard around the world in backsheets, has been re-engineered for better encapsulant adhesion while still providing the proven UV and barrier protection expected from GPE1000b. GPE1000b is also designed to add structural integrity giving panel makers more thickness options in the selection of glass and the ability to remove the glass all together and maintain a rigid panel.

EPAG1000MT offers thin-film makers maximum barrier for the needed protection of sensitive technologies. EPAG1000MT also offers the mechanical rigidity needed for the product integrity of flexible's.


>1000 VDC

MVTR <3 g/SQM/day

305um (nominal thickness)



>1000 VDC

MVTR <2 g/SQM/day

344um (nominal thickness)



>1000 VDC

MVTR <0 g/SQM/day

400um (nominal thickness)


The "Green" Process

CPP Solar is an industry leader in the "Green Process", a proprietary solvent free bonding technology that offers superior bonding and excellent hydrolysis properties. Products manufactured under the “Green Process” offer the PV manufactures the ability to lower their carbon footprint by incorporating materials into their product that are produced with no VOC’s.

Contact CPP Solar to learn how our product line can help organizations achieve energy reduction and environmental sustainability goals!


CPP Solar
Helping the World Go Green


New Study Finds Huge Opportunity to Improve Energy Efficiency in the US

New York, NY - August 7, 2009 A new study from McKinsey finds that a comprehensive program of cost-effective energy efficiency measures could reduce US annual energy consumption by 23 percent by 2020. This reduction in energy use would require a $520 billion investment but save $1.2 trillion in energy costs (these figures are discounted to present dollars). McKinsey estimates that 65 percent of these savings would come from improvements made to the industrial and commercial sector; the remaining 35 percent would come from residential improvements.

According to the report, these impressive results would require an annual investment of approximately $50 billion in energy efficiency - an increase of 400 to 500 percent over US spending on energy efficiency in 2008. McKinsey recommends a "Holistic Implementation Strategy" to rapidly scale this increase in energy efficiency investment. This strategy requires recognition across all sectors of the economy that energy efficiency is a critical component to meeting the country's energy needs while the United States transitions to low carbon energy sources. The strategy also requires public and private sector support to develop innovative funding vehicles and strengthen national building codes. Finally, all stakeholders in the energy economy will need to align in a common pursuit of increased energy efficiency.

CPP Solar’s product line has energy solutions that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well. Our commitment to design excellence has produced top of the line polymeric based superstreets (top sheets), substrates (back sheets), masking films for buss bars and connection boxes, tapes and release liners.

Across the globe, demand for energy is accelerating on a daily basis. While traditional fossil fuels continue to play a major role, the demand for alternative energy sources is outpacing the global market. Clean, reusable and affordable solar power is increasingly being recognized worldwide as the leading alternative energy source for the 21st century.

At CPP Solar, we see energy as a central environmental issue with implications for the entire world. Additionally, because we share in a need to address tomorrow's energy supply, we believe that energy should be affordable for everyone.

Contact CPP Solar to learn how our product line can help organizations achieve energy reduction and environmental sustainability goals!

CPP Solar
Helping the World Go Green


CPP Solar Adds Supply Chain Management and Order Fulfillment Capabilities

CPP Solar Expands business services by providing local presence for solar manufacturers

New York, NY – July 24, 2009 – CPP Solar, one of the fastest growing suppliers of innovative materials for solar cells and modules, today announced it has created exclusive partnerships with logistics companies to provide domestic supply chain management and order fulfillment capabilities to its customers.

“International shipping can be a hassle when you consider all the extras you need to be concerned with such as specific shipping requirements, packaging needs and customs paperwork.” said Sameer Israni, Managing Partner of CPP Solar. “If you’re extending your borders and want to ship solar products from your company worldwide, this can do a number of things for your business. If you’re a wholesaler or manufacturer you might be expanding your client base beyond your country’s borders and if you have branch locations overseas you’ll also be looking at efficiency and costs with respect to shipping.”

“Our new services provide call center solutions that are specific to your needs. Inbound / outbound customer care operations are designed to interact as a seamless extension of your business. Our customer service representatives are rigorously trained to understand every detail of your product / service, and strive to provide the highest possible levels of service.”

CPP Solar negotiated unique arrangement with logistics companies to provide clients more than pick, pack and ship. Each project is unique and requires its own logistical solution. CPP Solar offers a wide range of services including dedicated project management, real time online inventory reports, bar-coded receiving, 10,000 SKUs in inventory system, warehousing, database management, high security environment, an efficient order processing system, highly trained Call Center offering credit card processing, customer service, add-on and up sell related calling, inventory cycle counting, cross dock/Just In Time (JIT) shipping, multiple transportation options, best way carrier selection and international fulfillment experience.

About CPP Solar

CPP Solar is one of the fastest growing suppliers of innovative materials for solar cells and modules. CPP Solar supplies key value-added parts for leading solar panel manufacturers, including encapsulants, tapes and our TUV certified photovoltaic back sheet. CPP Solar, a US-based company with global sales channels, has created an exclusive partnership with its manufacturer. CPP Solar focuses on market needs and trends to drive solar products and services globally, supported by its fast growing sales channels. Please visit for more info



Posted Jul 3, 2009 11:24 PM

CPP Solar will have a booth at the 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo in New Delhi from Aug 10-12.

3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo is the melting pot for global technologies. It is a platform to provide value for the domestic industry and showcase opportunities in the Indian market for global players. It is a forum to nurture business contacts, imbibe the latest technology trends, cultivate business relations and prepare for the exponential growth of renewables in India.

TUV Certification for backsheet products

Posted Jul 3, 2009 11:22 PM

CPP Solar announces that its Hyperion backsheet product line has received the prestigious TUVdotCOM quality certification. The test procedures for this certification contain two major components:

First, at the accredited laboratory of TÜV Rheinland, tests are performed on selected test samples to verify that they are in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements
Second, TÜV experts perform periodic quality and production control at our manufacturer's site. This ensures that all the PV modules produced are manufactured with the same materials and processes and at the same quality level as the test samples tested in the TUV laboratory.

This mark offers you security and confidence that CPP Solar products have been certified to the highest standards. It is a mark of reliability and competence that you can rely on. And it protects against false claims of certification.

CPP Solar is committed to delivering high performance products with superior quality. TUVdotCOM certification provides another independent verification of the high quality standards to which we operate.

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