CPP Solar backsheets now available locally in India


New York - May 09, 2012 - Based on the feedback received from our clients and partners over the past 6 months, we are happy to inform you that CPP Solar has procured a warehouse in Mumbai in a free trade warehousing zone and our backsheets are now available locally in India which will reduce lead time to 3 days, reduce costs, and provides flexibility to the client.  


CPP Solar is a US manufacturer of PVDF Kynar® based backsheets. Currently we are offering 2 types of backsheets stored locally in India:


  • HEMERA™ GPE 500 – 1000mm wide, TUV and UL Certified
  • HEMERA™ PE 750   – 700mm and 1000mm wide, TUV Certified

The "Green" Process

CPP Solar is an industry leader in the "Green Process", a proprietary solvent free bonding technology that offers superior bonding and excellent hydrolysis properties. Products manufactured under the “Green Process” offer the PV manufactures the ability to lower their carbon footprint by incorporating materials into their product that are produced with no VOC’s.

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CPP Solar
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